New York

                                            The North East Region

                                    OFANA Alumni Association


In June 2007, Wendell Codner, Errol Webley and Norma Jarrett, organized the meeting of the inaugural OFANA Association in New York State.


This core group of Ole Farmers with help from a group of other pioneers living in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Tri – State area executed a successful day of camaraderie, fun, food and games for Ole Farmers and their families in these and other States.


This group (pioneers) was comprised of Herman Small, Paul Miller, George Scott, Leroy Williams, Errol Stevens, Carol Jackson, Kenneth Wright and the Late Allan Whittaker.


The event was such a success that Dr. S. Bailey offered, and subsequently hosted the second Annual OFANA Meeting at his residence in Atlanta Georgia.


Today the North East Region comprise of a very active group with approximately

Forty (40) graduates of JSA, COA & CASE. All are making significant contribution to the community, the Ole Farmers’ fraternity and the parent organization.


Some Significant Northeast Region Accomplishments:




Accomplishments / Activities

December, 2007

Members of the group collected toys & educational supplies which were sent to needy children in Jamaica

December, 2009

The group the launched the first of the Annual Holiday Dinner Dance, proceeds from the dance was donated to the parent group to fund scholarship for deserving students, perusing agriculture education at CASE in Jamaica.

June, 2010

Members of the group residing in the Mid Atlantic area launched their own Region to reduce their commute to the Tri State area.


May, 2011

North East Region hosted the Annual OFANA meeting in Stamford Connecticut. The event was well attended by Ole Farmers from within the United States, Canada, Jamaica, and Saint Lucia & Africa.


Ole Farmers with businesses who were in attendance got the opportunity to showcase their businesses as well as network with their peers.


The Health & Wellness Forum provided a wide array of health & nutritional literature / information spearheaded by Jennifer Petgrave, Sharon Heath, Helen Johnson & Norma Jarrett.


May 27, 2011

The event also honored the Late Dr. Aston Wood, former Principal, of the JSA at a Dinner Dance. Here Dr. Wood charged the group to ensure continued growth of Agriculture Education at CASE. He also emphasized the important role of the OFANA fraternity and appealed to its membership to ensure continuity of the organization. This was a very memorable occasion. Sadly, Dr. Wood passed away a few weeks later and some members of the region flew to Jamaica to attend his funeral and honor his family.


The Mayor of Stamford, the Host City visited with the Ole Farmers at the Golf Club and welcomed them to the City during the business luncheon.

December, 2011

This year 2011, the dinner dance and fund raiser will be held at the Stamford Sheraton Hotel on December 10th 2011.



The North East Region is comprised of Ole Farmers with varied skill sets and from varied islands, the mix however is an excellent composition with members that are always willing to support and or assist one another in celebrations as well as life challenges.


The group meets on a regular basis at a minimum each quarter or as frequent as weekly for general meetings as well as event planning.


The Current steering committee members are:


Herman Small, Paul Miller, Leroy Williams, Stanley Baxter, Cornell Cain, Colin Hepburn, Paul Drummond, Errol Stevens, Errol Webley, Bentley Watson, Noel Gordon, Wendell Codner, Elio Morgan, Sharon Heath, Jennifer Petgrave, Erica Follett, Delrine Armstrong, Helen Johnson, Sandra Galloway, Marva Soares, & Norma Jarrett.



Norma Jarrett



Vice President – North East