About Us

The Ole Farmers Association, North America (OFANA) was established in 2007 as a not for profit organization. Membership is open to alumni of the College of Agriculture, Science and Education and its successor institutions, namely: Farm School, Jamaica School of Agriculture and College of Agriculture. The association now operates under its 2008 revised constitution and bylaws, with the Statements of Mission and Purpose as follows:



The Ole Farmers Association, North America Chapter, founded in 2007, seeks to be the leading Ole Farmers organization in North America. Our mission is to preserve the spirit, values and guiding principles of our Alma Mater.  We will accomplish this through a strong network of members and by leveraging our training, talents and experiences through social activities as well as the support of altruistic endeavors.



It is the intent and purpose that the said Association shall be organized and operated exclusively for social and altruistic activities as directed by its Executive Leadership, and that no part of its income and activities shall inure to the benefit of any individual.


The Ole Farmers Association, North America is incorporated under the US Internal Revenue Code Section 501 © (3) and is operated through regional chapters in United States of America and Canada as well as the affiliation with the JSA/CASE Alumni Organization in Jamaica. The association is run by a central executive with a regional Vice President in each of the Regional chapters.  Alumni residing in the various regions, (New York, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Canada) are encouraged to become paid up members and participate in chapters’ activities.


Some Core Values of the Association are:

  • Excellence in all aspects of activities, communications, products, and administration
  • Inclusiveness in programming, recognition, and assistance
  • Leadership in serving, advocating, and representing the institution and association
  • Collaboration in developing mutually beneficial programs and services
  • Commitment to support priorities, members and welfare of JSA/CASE and Association
  • Integrity as manifested by the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and ethics
  • Self-governance of the Association with pride, dedication, responsibility, and vision
  • Innovation to address needs, sustain engagement, and support JSA/CASE and Association
  • Preservation of traditions, institutional character, heritage, and campus beauty
  • Advocacy by encouraging loyalty, spirit, involvement, and investment on behalf of JSA/CASE